While working relentlessly for the development of tourism in the country, Atpak safeguards the interests of its members. When the association took shape, it set out with the following aims and objectives:

To promote national integration, welfare and goodwill

  To promote, encourage and assist in the development of tourism and to secure the welfare of the travel trade in all respects

  To encourage and promote friendly feelings among the industry

  To protect the interest of the members from the malpractices of foreign tour operators

  To set up and maintain high ethical standards in the industry

  To undertake such welfare activities which the members cannot undertake individually

  To get affiliation with similar organisations in other countries

 To promote equal opportunities for all visitors to enjoy the tourism and travel facilities without distinction of race, colour, creed or nationality

 To organise overseas promotional tours jointly with various airlines and Government of India tourism offices abroad and other similar organisations

  To conduct, aid, assist and discuss courses of studies and cultural meetings

  To institute awards for excellence in tourism related activities

 To assist students by offering scholarship to pursue higher education, study and research particularly in the field of development of tourism.